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What is geocaching?

From the geocaching web page:

"Geocaching is a high-tech treasure hunting game played throughout the world by adventure seekers equipped with GPS devices. The basic idea is to locate hidden containers, called geocaches, outdoors and then share your experiences online. Geocaching is enjoyed by people from all age groups, with a strong sense of community and support for the environment.

Listed below (the most recent at the bottom of the page) are some geocaches I've found...

WARNING: I have photos on this page that may be "spoilers" - most of the images I take are views of the surrounding area and other places of interest I have discovered in my caching adventures - however, I have taken actual photos of caches - Usually the exact location of the cache cannot be determined by the photo, but not always - so, if you see this:

and click on the link you may see more than you bargained for - if you think the text description describes a cache you have not yet found - Do not click on the "spoiler" link!

In either case, click on images to enlarge; use your "BACK" button to return to this page!

Visit my custom Travel Bug Web Page

I bought my GPS device shortly before a weekend trip to Dubuque, Iowa - I was hoping it would arrive on time - lo and behold, the day before I left it showed up on my doorstep - now, the question was - could I learn to use it in a day? Turned out to be pretty easy, but rather a hectic morning, getting the device loaded before leaving, etc....eventually off I trudged...ok, the first one was in an urban setting, still, it WAS an adventure...

My first find (in Dubuque, Iowa)...was more of a challenge than I expected. I didn't find it the first time - but the 2nd trip I was determined...a real treat - I love small objects and a treasure hunt - this, I thought, is great fun!

Downtown View
My first find and my new toy

Downtown View
My first log signed...

My second geocaching experience took me to "Monument Park" (not its real name) - a nice little park in Dubuque with, you guessed it, lots of monuments...

Monuments MonumentsThe Park...

...the cache itself was at another location (determined by hints in the park) - it was much more of a challenge, physically, than I was expecting - anyway, after much trudging - this time, major trudging, climbing, tripping and nearly falling down on a rocky, bush-ridden side of a hill, I finally found it - but during the whole time I was rehearsing the 911 call in my head - "where's my cell phone? The right pocket, Ok, just make sure you fall to the left"...

MonumentsCan you see it?

Monuments Cache contents

11th St Elevator
Still in Dubuque and on the way to the "11th St Elevator" Cache

11th St Elevator
11th St, Cache contents (Major Spoiler)

11th St Elevator
I spent quite a bit of time just wandering around the neighborhood; the area was awash with beautiful homes, this is just one example.

Under the Smedley GCPARZ
Major spoiler, if you view this image you will see where the geocache is hidden - this cache forced me to touch things I normally wouldn't mess with (official looking objects) - it took me a lot of gumption to get to this one - it opened my eyes to lots of possibilities - for finding caches of course, but also for placing my own.

Stopped for a quickie in Platteville on the way home from Dubuque - this cache was near a gentle creek; it reminded me of Rattlesnake Creek back home in Missoula, Mt. Chatka would love it, Dusty too.

Finally, back in Milwaukee and on familiar ground or so I thought...

Nature Center I Nature Center II

Discovered the Public Market, the nature center and a nice sculpture thanks to this cache - food, nature and art - who could ask for more?. There is a very nice canal walk, which you can see in the left photo (east side of canal) - some litter in the canal, but still a nice walk on this beautiful day. Obviously, that's the sculpture on the right, not too bad for "public art".

GC129VV Aye Aye Capt
Epiphany! After I found this one, I was able to go back to a cache I had been looking for several days before and find it - another way to hide a cache.

Bradley Clock GC129VV
Another nice bonus of geocaching - seeing familiar structures from very different points of view. (The Bradley clock)

GC139T3 GC139T3

An unusually clear day in Downtown Milwaukee, and Church spires.


Left to Right: The Trail, Mysterious Dome, the Dome revealed, Religious icons/Autumn colors, more beautiful autumn colors, Mary.

One of my favorite caches; the environment and ambience were quite touching, inspiring and a bit spooky!

My next geocaching experiences took me to UWM. No pictures of caches, just a few images of interest.

More Cache Photos (text coming soon): Wisconsin???!!

Not to age myself or anything, but I remember when gas was 39 cents a gallon...those really were the good ole days. I wish that guy would stop staring at us...

On September 17th 2009, I started a new official travel bug:


Here's my new Travel Bug starting her journey, it's a ceramic object I made with special abilities... happy travels SETI Seeker Luna Station!

Geocaching in Las Vegas:


Lil Rooster Travel Bug and my #17 travel bug overlooking Red Rock Canyon right before entering a new cache...

Hear Lil Rooster squawking


Dropped off a Colorado Geocoin and started #24's unofficial Travel Bug journey,watch her progress

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