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Mail Art Projects

These are ongoing projects. There are no deadlines; if you send me an image, you will receive some form of documentation.

SIZE MAXIMUM: 2-D images - 8.5 x 11 inches. Any larger and I will have to cut it down to fit the format of the book. If you are sending sand samples, please send at least one full cup of the stuff.


"Relinquished Art" - Creators and Discoverers
A record of art that has been abandoned. . .
Deadline: None.

"Tree Houses" - Lofty Sanctuaries
Send me a drawing, photocopy, photograph, written memories, or whatever, of your favorite childhood tree house, (real or imagined).
Deadline: None.


Send me a sample of Sand!
Send me a sample of the sand from your area, (at least one cup), and I will send you something back in return. Who knows what that will be.

Deadline: None.

Please send all contributions to:

(Title of Project)
PO Box 341751-W
Milwaukee WI 53234-1751 USA

Links to Previous projects

1998 Sand Project
A list of contributors, and an image of the documentation.

Original call for entries for the
1996 postcard project

Contributors to the
1996 postcard project

Documentation and examples from the
1996 postcard project

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