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It's all over now, after reading the last book I was very disappointed in the Snape storyline...yeah, yeah, he loved Lily, but his finale with He Who Must Not Be Named (I guess we can now) - anyway the last scene was quite a letdown - I think Snape deserved a more dignified end. And why did Hedwig have to die?

Goodbye Harry, Hermoine, Ron and all the surviving characters - live long and proper.


Better get on it - the Dark Lord is rising.

What about The Dursley's? Well, even with all their faults, there is obviously some sort of protective shield around their home that keeps Harry safe. That's the only possible reason Harry would be sent back to spend summer after summer with his Aunt and her family.

The above statement almost surely implies there are other witches/wizards in the area of The Dursley's Home, however are there?? And who are they? I think I know, do you?

What does Dumbledore have on Snape? Sometimes, I'm convinced that Snape will indeed turn out to be a very bad guy (well, can he get much worse?) Of course he can, but upon further reflection - I think he will become one of Harry's greatest allies in the future. Why do I think so? Stay tuned.

Neville has a big role to play too, I suspect

I haven't finished the latest book, "The Order of the Phoenix" - what other mysteries will be revealed?