On January 25, 2003, we picked up our next kitten. We were told she was a Siamese; I expected a lanky, yowly cat with crossed eyes and a narrow head. Instead we got a plush-coated, stocky-looking, quiet cat with beautiful blue (uncrossed) eyes. We named her Sapphire. She may be a Siamese cross such as a "Snowshoe."

Sapphire in hunting mode


Sapphire being patient with humans

She has an upper respiratory infection (as did all the rest). We'll probably have her a week or two. She is an installation artist like SueBob. Her first work was "Mouse Rampant on Green Water." The work was a mixed media piece of green fur mouse, water, and square silver plastic bowl. Alas, we have no pictures of her masterpiece.

Update: She has been returned, but that was quite awhile ago, I can't remember the exact date. Between then and now, we adopted a puppy, visit the Chatka page for more details on that dubious decision!

Suebob's Foster Home

Wisconsin Humane Society

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