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Tree House Submission Guidelines Page

Lofty Sanctuaries
(ISSN 1522-6441-Print Version Only)

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Tree House - Issue 1 - December 1998
This image is on a stamp from Australia, contributed by Gary Wong.

Tree House - Issue 2 - (Print version due July 2000)
This image was drawn on the envelope sent by Dr. Surearts.

Tree House - Issue 3 Partially complete online, completion expected sometime in 2005.

Submission guidelines

Unsolicited materials are greatly appreciated. Send a clear photo, detailed drawings, or any other forms of visual documentation of your real or imagined tree house. Original articles are also accepted on the subject matter, but photos or detailed drawings must be included with any submissions. Any number of pages may be submitted, however, maximum size is 8.5 x 11" for each page.

No cash payment is offered for submitted materials, but all contributors who are published will receive a free copy of the latest issue of Tree House. Publication is not guaranteed and is at the sole discretion of the Editor. Submission implies that one time publication rights are extended to the Editor.

S R Robinson

Creative Advisors
Mary Clancy - Rachel Devrey - Madeline Rueshe

Office Support Staff
Kate Davis - Sandy Mackey

Published by
Crude Copy Press
PO Box 341751, Milwaukee WI

Tree House
Lofty Sanctuaries
is published on an irregular basis.
As of July 2003, this will be an online zine only.

Send to:

Tree House
PO Box 341751
Milwaukee WI 53234-1751

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